Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nice Visit

I had a nice visit with Emily today. She is doing well. She gained back the weight she lost the other day and is at 971 grams. (Maybe the weigh-in wasn't accurate before?) She was swaddled and sleeping peacefully when I arrived. I pumped milk and enjoyed looking at her. Then I got to hold her. Ar first she was swaddled but she got too warm so then I held her skin-to-skin. It was pure bliss. She was sleeping so sweetly and seemed content. Then I got to change her diaper and take some pictures. By this time she was awake and alert. I pumped again and put my hand on her head and talked and sang to her. She seemed very interested.
I'm starting to get to know the nursing staff and am feeling more comfortable with them. Emily has had really nice nurses the past several days.

I'm looking forward to having taco salad for dinner. Thanks Hartenburgs for taking care of luncheon and for sending the leftovers :)


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for such caring friends. I know it means a lot to have a tangible out pouring of love and care from your fellow parishioners. We are so glad Emily is progressing so nicely again. Keep the reports coming, when you have the time and energy.
Love, Nanu

Jen said...

You're welcome, Jen Marie!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know that we are praying for Emily and your family every day. Thank you for sharing updates on the blog. We were so glad to read about your nice visit on Sunday with Emily.

We love you all,
Kelli and Chris Robertson
(Peggie's daughter)