Saturday, August 09, 2008

Update Saturday

I just spoke with Jen and Mark on the phone and things seem to be going well. Jen is up and walking a bit already. Leaving her room on the seventh floor to visit Emily on the 8th floor, however, is exhausting and taxing on her recovering body. (Why, oh why, do they keep the postpartum rooms on a separate floor!?)

Emily had a great first night with no "events": her breathing, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and body temperature all stayed steady and strong. Her breathing was mostly unassisted though the pressurized nose feed remains attached for the time being.

Later, unfortunately, the NICU staff had difficulty inserting an IV line yesterday and that stressed Emily out. They had to make several tries and redos stretching over a few hours! As a result, Emily had some "desaturation" episodes, meaning her oxygen levels fell a few times last night.

On the flip side, having the IV set is one step to closer to removing the umbilical line so that Mark and Jen can cuddle with Emily for some mutually needed and desired skin-to-skin "Kangaroo" time. The nurse told Jen that they might be able to remove the belly line latter today. Hopefully, that means Jen can soon implement her idea of setting up her lawn chair in the NICU to relax with her little one against her chest.

The planned baptism had to be rescheduled because of the extended IV procedure and complications that were keeping Emily and the NICU staff occupied. The new plan is to have the sacrament performed tomorrow afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, once again for the update on Emily Ruth and Mark and Jen. It makes us feel closer until we can see them next week. Nanna Pennie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen and Mark...Claire and now EMILY!! wow! i'm so glad for you all that everything has been going well so far!! seems like it was just the other day that i found out you were pregnant..and she is!! Aunt Penny, i mean, your mom...and Martin, Grandma, and Johnny just stopped by our place for a, we got to hear all about the special delivery! they can't wait to come see you all!! i will keep you all in our prayers for speedy and healthy recoveries!! congratulations on your new little one!
Barry and Tammy, Alecs, Brooklyn, Jillian and Maverick