Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Details

Emily Ruth had an apgar score of 8/9 (0ut of 10/10) and weighed in at 2 lbs. Her lusty cries, kicks, and punches were a comfort to her parents, especially in contrast to their previous experience with Claire who made only a peep or two, was intubated, scored 4/5 on the apgar, and was, in Mark's terms, "more floppy." If that floppy preemie blossomed into the beautiful, intelligent Claire we know and love today, the future looks bright indeed for Emily Ruth. :o)

Jen said the surgery went as smoothly as hoped. The anesthesiologist was fabulous and got the spinal tap on the first try. Emily was not under stress and was delivered in the sac, which is ideal. Mark said they removed the sac intact and carried it to a table before slicing it open and letting Emily out. How wonderful!

Jen was feeling confident in the timing of the cesarean and in the medical care team. Both Jen and Mark (and I with them) wept for joy and thankfulness at how well it all went and how healthy Emily appears to be.

Thanks be to God for the competent doctors as well as the providential timing of the bed rest, hospital admittance, and delivery. We thank Him for the advance notice and the steriod treatment that allowed Emily's lungs to be readied for postpartum life. We thank Him for all the medical advances that have allowed us to care for IGUR (intrauterine growth restricted) premies. And we thank Him most of all for answering our prayers for protection and grace.

Please pray for continued protection, wisdom, and peace; for strong and steady growth for Emily Ruth; for parent-infant bonding; and for a smooth start to a successful breastfeeding relationship as soon as Emily's body is ready for that transition.

Emily's NICU nurse said that the tube in Emily's umbilical, which is providing sustenance for her, will probably be in place for three or four days before they are able to switch to an IV feed. Mark and Jen will probably be able to hold her after that switch has occurred as the belly tube is more sensitive to movement and gets in the way of skin-to-skin cuddling. For now, Mark and Jen are contenting themselves with gazing at her tiny loveliness, speaking softly to her, and maybe holding a little foot or hand through one of the Isolette doors.

-Jen Brigid


Anonymous said...

Dear ones! Praise God for the good report on Emily Ruths birth!!! All the family in Oklahoma rejoices with you and continues to hold you all in prayer. Claire is now a big sister, Wow! love and hugs to all. Can't wait for pics. Jen,Mark, Claire, Nanu, we love you! Nanna

Jessica Snell said...

I'm a friend of Kelly's - praise God for your little one's safe arrival!

I just wanted to say, I went through the ups and downs of trying to breastfeed two premies this year (my twin girls), before establishing a good nursing relationship with them, so if at any point you want to chat about that, please feel free to email me (my email's on my blogger profile).

May God bless your family as you go through another NICU ride. May Emily's stay be short and uneventful. Again, congratulations!

Nikki said...

I'm so glad that little Emily had a safe delivery and that everyone is doing so well! You continue to be in our prayers and we are so glad for your new happiness!

Nikki and Daniel