Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bad day good day

Yesterday was a bad day. Today was a good day.
Yesterday Emily was cranky and I had a hard time getting her to nap and I was tired from not sleeping well. I became cranky and easily annoyed.

Today I got up early said my morning prayers changed Emily had breakfast with Claire (who ate 2 bites as usual), I put Emily down for a nap really early just before 9am she took a short nap and was a happy camper. Claire did her morning quiet time and jumping on the ball and play dough play as reward. (this is a story in and of itself. She has been asking me to make baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph and the manger and stable and sheep. then she pretends with them.) Later Emily fell asleep for a longer nap in the sling on our walk to the park. Claire had a great time at the park and we stopped to get her a burger on the way home but she bit her tongue after the second bite and didn't want to eat so we walked home. She ate a good sized lunch at home had a nap. I had a cat nap while nursing Emily then did a few chores while Claire continued sleeping. I think Claire slept over 2 hours this afternoon. WOW! They we puttered around for a while and Emily took a late afternoon nap and Claire and I played with blocks, did puzzles, played a color matching game did cup bowling and read her envelope full of cards and letters from family and friends. Then Emily woke up and nursed and hung out while Claire had a good dinner (chicken, avocado, lentils mixed with butter nut squash and catsup and crackers.) Later she had a scone for dessert. I put got Emily ready for bed, swaddled her with one arm out and set her in the co-sleeper and she went to sleep without a fuss. WHEW!! Hurray. Then Claire played, had a bath and went to bed.


Beth said...

Phew! It is nice hearing about your daily schedule and the things Claire likes to do. Thanks for posting :), Elisabeth

Nanna said...

I so much enjoyed all the details in "a day in the life of. . ." Thank you. Thank you for the nice letters from you and Claire and all the photos! We've been enjoying snow time and are working on a story about Arrow to send to you all. Give those sweet girls a hug and a kiss from Nanna!