Saturday, January 17, 2009

love these girls

Claire and I have been praying a children's morning prayer I found in my new prayerbook every day for a few weeks. On Thursday I was nursing Emily in my room and Claire was looking at my Bible and another book by my bedside and took the book and sat quietly on the floor and recited most of the morning prayer. So sweet. I was blessed.
The prayer is as follows:

Lord Jesus thank you for the bright sunlight of a new day. As you made the sun to rise in the heavens, so come to shine in my life today. For you are the light of the world. guide me, direct me, lead me that I may do your holy will and please You in all that I do this day. Bless my parents, teachers and all who care for me. Amen.

When we pray prayers of thanksgiving, Claire says she is thankful for cats and for the moon and stars.

I am thankful for my sweet daughters.
Claire's behavior has improved a lot over the past couple of months. Some things that have helped: giving lots of choices... even silly ones. "Do you want to wear matching socks or unmatched socks under your PJ's" "Do you want to walk home now or in one minute?" "Do your want to walk to your room or hop?" "Do you want that with ketchup or without...heated up or cold?" This then gives us leverage when we say you can hold my hand in the store or you will ride in the cart. And she gets in the cart without a tantrum. We are still working on the whining and fussing but the tantrums are few. She is also getting used to asking politely when she wants something.

I love having my baby Emily as a constant companion. Emily is at such a fun cute stage. She is so smiley and likes it when anyone smiles at her and talks to her. On a car trip today she was smiling and making conversation for a long while. She also impressed the nurse at the NICU follow up clinic with all her vocalizations.

Another thing we try to do to encourage Claire and build rapport is to sprinkle our conversations with "I noticed that..." statements, for instance: I noticed that you like to make dough. I noticed that you like to pretend. I noticed that you can dance.

Gotta run.


Nanna said...

I am thankful for my sweet daughter-in-law!! I've noticed that you never give up when faced with difficulties. You keep searching (and praying, no doubt!) until you find what works. And I appreciate that you don't just seek to control your children, but to teach them self-control. And I am thankful that above all, you are teaching them to love God in word and by your example. And thank you for taking time to share your joys and your needs with all that love you. Love, Nanna

Anonymous said...

The appropriate choices thing is HUGE and VERY appropriate. I am a big fan of that and practiced it right through adolescence. (Which requires specialized choices as well.) "Noticing" and labeling it is a BIG CHEER, also. Another thing is to remember to name the appropriate behavior instead of having to label the inappropriate behavior. Ex. I like the way you tickled Emily's toes so gently. I liked the way you fed the kitty today. I am happy when you make a good choice (name it), instead of crying. It helps. You're a star, my Jen-Jen :)
xoxoxo L