Tuesday, January 06, 2009


This morning the wise men appeared at the stable of our creche with gifts for baby Jesus. Claire also opened her last gift of the holiday season... Two children's prayer books.

Emily went to the eye doctor today and he said her eyes are normal...no retinopathy of prematurity. She weighs 7 lbs 15 oz. She is cooing and making all kind of cute noises right now as she bats at her toys. She has a ready smile and laughs occasionally. The most recent occasion was a few days ago when her dad was holding her and smiling at her and he laughed his joyous laugh and she laughed back. So sweet! She is able to lift her head a little during tummy time and tolerates tummy time for 5 mins or so.

I spent an hour or so putting away the stacks of papers and things that had accumulated on our dining room table. It's still not quite done, but it's looking better. I also had the chance to edit some photos and upload them to Wallgreens to be printed.

Claire went to the Natural History museum and California Science Center with her babysitter today while Emily and I were at the doctor. Now she is napping.

Emily likes:
smiling faces
batting at her toys
her sister
having her clothes changed
being talked to


JB said...

I can't believe how much Emily has grown since we saw her last. What a cute chubby face!! Boy are we glad you received a video camera for Christmas. We are sure enjoying your video and written posts, as always.
Love, Nanu and Papa

Katie Jones said...

She is getting so big! Thanks for the video. :)

Anonymous said...

I bet Claire will enjoy her prayer books. So glad Em had a good report from the eye doc. Great Grammy went to the eye doc today and learned she has cataracts. She's relieved it's correctible. Love the cute video and hearing your happy voice, Jen, along with Emily's and even Claire in the background! The outing at the museum and science center with the sitter (don't know if we've heard her name) sounds fun. Loved the list of things Emily likes. Love to the Hudson Four!! Nanna

Nikki said...

Emily is adorable. It's great to see her looking so happy and healthy!

Anonymous said...

How much FUN is THIS?? This is such a nice way to keep upladated on this little family down in the big city. Em looks like a lovely little chipmunk and I am so happy to see and hear that. How are Claire's itchies now?? My skin has calmed down. I am sure it has to do with having long sleeves on at this time of year when I am out throwing hay to the ponies. It's nice not to be digging in my sleep. I am off to Tujunga for my lesson on the horse manana. I have not had time to complete your xmas gift, so we may do a xmas-valentines....but haven't we had xmas in June before?? I think so. We won't do that. Kids grow too quickly. Off to bed.
xoxoxo Linda
PS Angel didn't believe that Tillie is away at "school," so we drove him there yesterday to visit. VERY cute. He held onto the 2 carrots the whole way.