Saturday, January 03, 2009

Claire Quotes

yesterday, Fri Jan 2
Claire: Fish eat. They eat pancakes.
today Sat. Jan 3 (After reading this quote.)
Mark: Claire what do fish eat?
Claire: Fish food.


Anonymous said...

Mommy, pancakes are good fish food. Everybody knows that.

Anonymous said...

Chelsea's own song at 18 mos in the tape recorder: "Apple song, APPLE song! I LOVE the apple song!" (Over and over and over again.)
Me: How about singing a NEW song?
Chelsea: What's a Banana Song?? Banana song! BANANA Song! What's a Banana Song!!"
God help us :)
Angel is here to play with me. Chat soon. I just started riding with Tillie's trainer today and tomorrow!!!
xoxoxo L