Thursday, February 12, 2009


For those of you who may be wanting to buy a sling as a shower gift andfor new moms:

Mark and I have tried a number of babywearing contraptions. I think it is helpful to have at least a couple. If I could only have two it would be a ring sling and an Ergo Baby carrier. The ring sling is great for nursing a small infant. As they get heavier the Ergo is great because it is easy on the back. The wrap style carriers are also pretty easy on the back and you can nurse in them with some adjusting of the baby. I always feel the need to re-wrap and re-tie afterwards of the baby hangs too low and gives me a back ache.
We also have a hand-me-down snuggli carrier which Mark likes because baby can face out. I find it to be less comfortable on my back. We have a terribly uncomfortable pouch sling I got at toys R us (Premaxx baby bag) which has a buckle that sits right at the neck or on the shoulder. Ouch! ( Just checked their website and it is no longer carried..good. It is similar in style to the Infantino slingrider. We also have a adjustable pouch from that I used a lot with Claire, but Emily doesn't seem to like it as much. I haven't used it for nursing. I just sewed a wrap with rings and tried it out a little yesterday. I need more experience with it to know how it will be. I read online that you can just thread rings onto your wrap to make it easier to put on and adjust.


Anonymous said...

THANKS JEN!!!!!!!!!!!! I just sent Chels the email! I don't know how often she checks it these days....SO IT'S A GOOD THING YOU HAVE THIS BLOG! :) xoxox L

Nikki said...

Thanks for those thoughts. We haven't started buying baby things yet, but the sheer number of choices out there for everything baby is mind-boggling. It helps to know what other people find helpful, because inexperienced as I am, I have no idea where to start. :D

Anonymous said...

O my goodness.....and I thought I was behind in checking in on you 4. Okay, we just downloaded all the photos I shot and Em burnt them on a CD 4 u. I have the next 2 wednesdays and thursdays off (beginning this week) if you and the girls want 2 journey to the hills. We can cozy up in the guest room with the heater on. (There's rugs in there with no scratching post runner!) Barbara and I are headed to look at slings manana in La Canada. xoxox L