Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Emily has been holding her hands together and playing with her hands a lot lately.
She has rolled from tummy to back a couple of times and from side to back or tummy a couple times. At this point I think she is still surprising herself by rolling but soon she will be able to do it at will.

She and Claire have been interacting more lately. She smiles at Claire a lot when Claire is nearby and she likes to watch and listen to Claire.

Emily is so sweet tempered and doesn't cry very often. One thing that gets her in a tiff is being strapped into her car seat and riding in the car when she is tired. She gets especially revved up when we stop at a red light. I've heard/read that most babies like the car and it soothes them to sleep. Not so with Emily. She is much happier in the car after a nap. At first I thought it was the car seat... But now she will ride in the car seat set in the stroller with no problem.

I have been trying to put her down for naps with her falling asleep in her bed because when I put her down after she's fallen asleep in my arms it usually wakes her up. So we do it over and over and she gets crankier and crankier. The past two days I have had success. First I change her diaper, feed her burp her, and sway with her to the song "My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean". When she starts to look sleepy I laying her on her side and patting or rubbing her back and continue singing our sleepy song or shushing.

She had a 2 hour and 45 min nap the other day. This is unusual.

I guess I forgot to mention Claire and Emily and I have all had a cold this week. (Starting on Saturday.) There are still some lingering sniffles but all of us are feeling better. Claire coughed a lot last night.


Nanna said...

Sorry about the colds for you girls. Those soups you wrote about in your last blog should be soothing and healthful for colds. What a sweet little one Em is. Does she enjoy car rides when she's rested and awake? Glad to hear the sisters are interacting a bit. Love, Nanna

Anonymous said...

Yo Wonder WOman, SOO glad we finally saw you and had Christmas. I will SOON download photos and burn them on a CD for you. When Chels was Em's age, she would of course have a bulky snowsuit on and when I went to put her in her carseat she would straighten her body and SCREAM until her face glowed red. I called it the "stiff as a board routine." I would have to slowly bend her little body to form into the carseat to get us going. It was a nuisance (but funny 25 years later). :) I sent you a text about baby slings. I hope you are WRITING with a writing utensil in your REAL book now and then! :) Thank you for my beautiful photos and for the bracelet/earrings/ornaments. Chat soon. xoxxoL