Saturday, February 07, 2009

weigh in

We returned the baby scale we had been renting to track Emily's progress and make sure she got off to a good start breastfeeding. Her last weigh in was on Friday at 9 lbs 7 oz.
I started jumping rope for exercise in the mornings. I also took a long walk with the girls on Friday and a hike last Saturday. I feel more energetic and upbeat when I exercise.

Our morning routine has become an expected routine for Claire now. She will tell me "I'm ready to do quiet time." She will sit quietly and look at books for 10-11 mins most days now. We'll see if this starts to translate into sitting quietly in Church now. Last Sunday she was particularly loud.


Anonymous said...

Claire LOUD in church........I'm sure your ears have become sensitive and she was as quiet as a churchmouse. Oh MOTHER!!! I think those men who swing the incense around can get pretty loud! :) ANYWAYS, how about a visit tomorrow/MONDAY????? I'm sure the arena is swamped so no lesson and Chels goes into work late. Call if you read this; otherwise I'll call u later (oh yes, and I will have to WRAP gifts.....hmmmmmmmm). xoxox l

Nanna said...

Wow! Nine lbs. 7 oz. What a blessing! Thank you God for good health for the littlest one! The exercise really does energize. For us it's the brisk walks in the park, and we've now added volunteer work in the thirty acre gardens and arboretum of Will Rogers Park in OKC. I like your morning routine. Linda is probably right; Claire may seem louder to you than to others. I think about that when I'm in Mass. The voices of little ones are sweet background sounds to older folks like us and I've never noticed anyone so much a raise an eyebrow unless loud wailing erupts and is maintained. Love and Prayers, Nanna

Nikki said...

It's great to read that both girls (and their parents) are doing so well!