Monday, February 16, 2009

good news

We had Emily evaluated by a therapist from Regional Center and she said that Emily seems to be right of target for 4 months (Her adjusted age.) She said that Emily does all the things she should be able to do at this stage in the game and isn't showing any behaviors that babies with developmental problems might display at this age. The social worker from regional center said that she may qualify for infant stimulation just because she was born so early. It is a relief to know that she is on track at this point.

Claire is making progress with eating. A week ago we started enforcing new rules for mealtimes. Milk after food. Claire feeds herself (we will no longer feed her, but will help her get food onto her spoon or fork as she still has difficulty with this.) She has to choose from what is served...not ask for various things form the shelf or refrigerator that are not in front of her. Mealtimes are of limited length and she has to ask politely to be excused. Last week she didn't have much of an appetite partly die to her cold. Today she ate more food and more variety of foods. Last week she chose to eat almost exclusively starchy foods. Now I give her some meals that don't contain any starchy foods so that she has to pick something else to eat. I think we are making progress.


Nanna said...

So happy Em had a good report from the therapist. She is our sweet miracle baby! Thanks be to God. Loved hearing about Claire's good table manners. She will always be a welcome guest at our table. Hugs to Claire for the sweet Valentine!!! and thanks to you Jen for the darling photos of the girls!!! Love to the Four Hudsons, Nanna & Poppa

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on good news for both girls. I am glad you were able to stick with your mealtime plan for Claire. It is not easy to watch children refuse to eat or just pick at their meals. How wonderful that Emily's progress is right on target. What a relief.
Love, Nanu and Papa

Anonymous said...

WOOOWW-WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! What does it mean when a 2 year old influences my language??? Hmmm. I am so happy to hear that Em is ON (not to be smug, but I think we kinda knew that, didn't we?? She is the wise old granma after all.)!!!!!!!!! You have the patience of a Saint with the FOOD STUFF, JEN!!!! Alex was more difficult with food issues than Chelsea (and still is today). Now that he's at the culinary, he thinks he is a legitimate pain in the butt in the food area. Chat soon AND C U WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!! PS Good texting. I left her a message. I am in the process of getting two estimates. I am calling her back manana. xoxoxo L