Monday, February 02, 2009

Go Claire GO!

Claire discovered the joys of sliding by herself today. She finally overcame her fear of this last piece of playground equipment and went for it. Then there was no stopping her. She must've gone down the slide at least a dozen times at the park. The first time she asked mommy to catch her, but later she went down "all by herself." She was so proud of herself. She kept saying "I went down fast. I'm about to climb up again." etc.
Another notable quote has morphed. It started out as "I'm a kid." and then "I'm a big kid" Now she says, "I'm a big old old kid-id-id." (I guess this is for emphasis.)

Another conversation went like this.
Claire: I want to get married.
Me: Who do you want to marry?
Claire: Mommy!!
Me: You can't marry Mommy. I'm already married to daddy.
Claire: Daddy's a husband.
Me: Who is is wife?
Claire: Mommy.

Emily is 9 lbs 3 oz. She loves batting at her toys, watching the mobile, riding in the sling, nursing, smiling and being smiled at. Looking at books and being read to. She will smile at herself in the mirror. She is getting a bit of chubs on her thighs. She wears cloth diapers part time.

She is getting used to riding in the car. She is getting used to her swing, and sometimes falls asleep in it.


Anonymous said...

What joy to learn how to slide by yourself! Maybe Claire means she wants to be married and be a mommy like you Jen. How sweet and dear. I love all the images of little Emily smiling and enjoying life. Much love to y'all! Nanna

Anonymous said...

The Chelster went through that around 2; I remember her saying, "When I grow up, I am going to marry daddy." I said, "Daddy is already married to me." She said, "So, YOU are a mommy." I am up late working on the shower invite....a busy day with her shower at The Granville today. WHo ever thought up so many silly shower games??? I don't remember all of that 25 years ago! I am SO HAPPY about Claire!!!!!!!! (Btwn us, I was sad to see big Joya at age 5 was still too afraid to go down the slide due to lack of experience...) Yikes. We're hoping for a quieter week SOON. xoxox L