Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Claire sick

Claire was sick to her stomach today. She seems to be feeling better this evening and was able to eat. I had frozen breastmilk to give her and pumped some fresh for her also--I think this helped to speed recovery.

We hope to be able to go and visit Linda tomorrow and take carrots to her horses.

We have a well baby visit scheduled for Emily for Friday afternoon.


Nanna said...

I hope Claire is all better now and hope you all got to go feed carrots to Linda's horses. Cute pic of Em!! I see eyelashes on those beautiful blue eyes. Love to all, Nanna

Anonymous said...

Linda and Hank are VERY happy Claire came to visit and even fed us carrots (whups, I fed CLAIRE carrots, but she liked eating Hank's carrots more)!! I had a Gorilla and Farmer Brown and a Cowgirl visit all at the same time. And Miss EMily was quite the little lady as well. ANd as for MOM........we are ALWAYS happy to see MOM.........she is a groovy chick!!! We are asking for Jack Frost to stay home and sleep late for Claire's next visit!! xoxoxo L