Sunday, August 09, 2009

Birthday girl

Emily had a very happy birthday. We celebrated with a family party on Saturday. Emily enjoyed playing with her new toys and books and crinkling the wrapping paper. She also enjoyed playing with and eating some cupcake. She and her sister wore their matching outfits from Nanna on Emily's birthday. Pictures to follow.

Emily's second tooth came through on her birthday. It didn't seem to trouble her too much. Except that she was unwilling to take an afternoon nap...But this may have been due to the excitement of having relatives to entertain. Emily is a very social girl and has been very interested in interacting with her grandparents and great grandma as well and my brother and his family. She is becoming quite attached to Papa.

Emily had developed her own pre-crawling motion. I call it the inchworm. She starts with her head down and pushes with her legs until she flops forward then raises up onto her hands and lifts her head up.

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Martin said...

What a beautiful child! How delightful to see Emily's big blue eyes and happy smile on our computer screen first thing this morning. We thank God for her precious life, and for her dear sister Claire, and for her mommy and daddy, too. I'm so glad Nanu & Papa and lots of family were there to celebrate with you all! And a new tooth, to boot! Love, Nanna