Friday, August 21, 2009

shoes and kisses

Claire is very interested in trying on shoes these days. Every time we go to eht park or to playgroup, Claire tries on all the shoes she sees. At home she tries on mom and dad's shoes. She even tries to put on doll shoes. She also tries to put on the doll clothes :)

Emily is perfecting the art of kissing. Whenever she sees our cat she makes kissing sounds to him. Yesterday she kissed the cat in her cloth book that Nanu made. She also kissed the teddy bear in a story I was reading to her. So sweet. Yesterday we were watching videos of baby Luke and each time a new one started Emily made a kissy sound.


JB said...

Always something new with the Hudson girls. Can you catch Emily waving or saying her new words on video?

It rained here today. A welcome relief from the heat.

Papa was delighted by your latest blogs.
Hugs and kisses from both of us,

Martin said...

It's nice to be back home and to catch up on all the blogs from Markhu! It was delightful to see Claire in action at the park the evening we spent with you all. She did try on about three pairs of footware while we were there. Everyone was gracious in sharing. Such friendly adults and children in your neighborhood. And thanks to Em for the telephone kiss when you called the other day! Love to all, Nannna