Sunday, January 31, 2010

Claire quotes

Claire says the cutest things. (I wish I could remember more of them to add to the blog right now.)

She'll ask in the mornings, "Where shall we go today?"

After we brush teeth she says, "What smells minty?"


"Can I topple on you?"

"Does Daddy have two princesses?"

"Are you happy with your daughter?"


Elisa Auffhammer said...

Claire has always amazed me with her vocabulary!

Nanna said...

Thank you dear Jen for sharing the sweet girl's cute quotes!! Can a hug reach all the way from Oklahoma?! Thanks for bringing big smiles our way! Love, Nanna & Poppa
P.S. Grammy met with a very good neuro-muscular doc today and has been admitted to the hospital for tests, so say a prayer.

Linda said...

Hi Ladies and Dad!! We enjoyed our time with you and always feel fortunate when we get to see your mom, too!! Food and company and play time and gifts were yummy!!! I hope you remembered to give Claire and hug for me after her nap! I have a couple of cute photos of the 2 drummers! Jack has been drumming since in utero. He is a crazy and wild guy. I adore him. CHAT SOON!! xoxox and thanks again,
P.S. Tell Claire Willow is all healed from her surgery and is letting me rub the scar now. ALSO, I rode Tillie today and had to use a crop to make her trot, trot, trot.