Saturday, January 23, 2010

running and jumping

Claire is running and jumping again. She isn't quite as exuberant and enthusiastic as she was before, but she is feeling better and better. She had nightmares last night and couldn't stay asleep. I finally at around 3:00am (After 4 or 5 wakings) put her in bed with Mark and went to sleep in her bed.

Emily stood up on her own with something in each hand and walked 7 or 8 steps. Go Emily go. Claire is very excited about Emily walking.


Unknown said...

Thanks for up dates sure nice to hear thing are o.k. We are keeping her in our prayes. Grammmy is not doing better. Hoping we find something out when go to the Dr. on Feb.1. Keep all in prayes we know he well do what is needed for all.
Thanks for God;
Love: Grammy,Johney

Martin said...

We love to have a newsy blog first thing in the morning. Thank you, It makes you feel close. We love you all, Nanna