Sunday, January 17, 2010

more tubes and wires gone

Today Claire had the chest tube and wires for temporary pace maker removed (apparently installing one of these for use in the first couple days after surgery is standard procedure She is waiting for a bed to become available in order to be moved from ICU to the 6th floor. Her grandparents are with her this afternoon reading and telling her stories in between naps to distract her from her discomfort and frustration. She still has an IV in her left (dominant) hand which makes it hard for her to feed herself and frustrates her.

Yesterday afternoon and evening she spent several hours on end whining fussing complaining and crying. She couldn't settle down and get to sleep even after Benadryl for an itchy face and Tylenol for a slight fever. Finally they gave her something stronger and she conked out.

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Linda said...

OOOOOHHH my little pobrecita!! How SAD!! Be glad, however, that she's is young as she is. It was a BIG nightmare going through it with a 9 year old. Let me know when you want company. I am waiting patiently to hear from you (okay, not that patiently).....hugs to all. xoxo L