Sunday, January 17, 2010

out of ICU

Our good friend Nina from Church called this evening for an update, and I was rambling about Claire feeling so much better with fewer wires/tubes sticking out. But then I casually let drop that she had moved out of Intensive Care and was having fun upstairs in the regular kids recovery section. Nina's joyful response reminded me what an important milestone this is, so I thought I better post.

Mark got to take a few hours rest at home this afternoon after being at the hospital for 16 hours straight. With some sleep: thankfully they have little bunk rooms for parents near the ICU. Tonight will be interesting: a foldout bed/chair in Claire's room (and a shared room at that.)


Nanna said...

That's great news! Indeed, a milestone! And so good to hear that Claire was having fun once again! Like you said, the other day, Jen, it will be interesting to hear Claire's take on all this when she's back home. Love & Prayers, Nanna

Pa Torg said...

That is indeed wonderful news! Thank you for all these is good to know how we can pray.

Oh...and this is Ma Torg...not Pa!