Friday, January 29, 2010

Emily videos

Here is Emily popping packing bubbles and eating soup with a spoon.

Other news:
Emily is now walking 20 or more steps on her own and walking from one room to another. Nanu showed her how to wrap up her dolly and put it to sleep and how to offer it a cup to drink. She says "night night baby" and "Baby's sleeping" and "yum yum." She will also hold the doll and rock back and forth... such a good little mama.
Claire visited the cardiologist today. He is pleased with the results of the surgery but is prescribing a course of Ibuprofen for some possible inflammation and fluid build up under the heart. He said it will probably go away on its own but he wants to see her again a couple times in the next week of two.


Nanna said...

How nice to get another peek of life in action with one of the dearest little girls I know (the other being her big sister). Emily, you are really eating like a big girl. We are so proud of you! All that walking and learning to care for you dollies from Nanu is so nice. You are blessed to have Nanu with you. We continue to pray for full healing for Claire's heart. Thank you God for a caring doctor. We are working on a little video clip for our blog of the beautiful snow we're having and another shot one of squirrels. Love, Nanna

Kristi said...

Praise be to God!