Friday, January 08, 2010

walking progress

Emily is making very slow progress with walking unassisted. Today I stood her up in front of me as far as my arms will reach and let go and she took 4 or 5 steps to me standing up nice and tall (Instead of lunging forward.) Mark and I have tried together to walk back and forth between us in the mornings but she has refused.
Her vocabulary however, is multiplying rapidly. Some new words are: "did it" as in I did it, meow, woof, peep, cat, kitty, cookie, pee pee, outside, no, yeah, that, snap, sissy


JB said...

The summer I took care of the Slagell children, I waited and waited for Celia to walk and right after I left for CA, she began to walk. Thanks for the report on Emily's walking progress. What a great vocabulary!

Martin said...

Just take your time, Em, with the walking. When you are ready to take off on your own, you'll do it. It's not a race, sweet one. You grow up too fast as it is. I'm glad you enjoy learning new words, Emily. I do too! Poppa and I do the crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper and continue to learn new words, so it's a life long adventure. Give your big sis and mommy and daddy our love. We love you all! Nanna
P.S. We got a package from the Hudson family in the mail today! Yeah! Lots of picture of our favorite little girls! Thank you! Thank you!