Tuesday, February 09, 2010

last cardio followup, then on the road

all is well with Claire's heart. no more fluid.
we are off on a road trip to see Grammy in OK


Elisa said...

Thanks be to God! We are rejoicing. Yiannis just asked for an update yesterday.

Wishing you best for your grand adventure to Oklahoma.

With love, Elisabeth

JB said...

Yeah, another budding artist. It is good to start them when they are young.
Have a safe trip.

Unknown said...

Note from Oklahoma: We are so delighted Claire has recovered so well and that you are able to make the trip to see all of us. Grammy is so happy you all are coming. As she would say, "God speed!" Love, Nanna

Linda said...

AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ME LIKEY this artist!!! I haven't heard from you since the text! Is all okay in OK?? I had a bad reaction to an antibiotic so am in recovery. Eww. Keep me posted! xoxoL