Friday, February 12, 2010


We arrived safely in OK yesterday evening in time to enjoy turkey soup for dinner. The girls were absolute angels in the car. Both napped well, snacked a lot, entertained themselves and were a joy to travel with. Thanks be to God. The two days before we left I was stressed out about the prospect of so much time in the car and I gathered lots of snacks, activities, toys and books to keep them busy. I think the girls liked having their parents close at hand even if we weren't always directly interacting with them. My favorite part of the trip was driving while it was snowing between williams and Flagstaff Arizona. There was no snow on the road and the snow didn't even touch the windshield but seemed to part and go around us... it was a very surreal experience. We drove through rain at several points but none of it was as bad as the rain I drove through in Pasadena before the trip (after Claire's last Dr. Burke visit.) Even with the recent storms, we didn't find any snowy or icy roads. It is sunny but cold here today. Mark and Claire just walked over to Grammy's while Emily is napping sweetly. I just started a new knitting project, a hat for Emily.

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JB said...

We have been wondering how your trip went. What a relief that things went so smooothly!! I am glad the road conditions were okay. Travel in the winter can be pretty dicey.

Hugs and Kisses, Nanu