Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Emily loves to put things "inside." Right now she is putting jar lids in a slot in the top of a can. She loves to put things in bags and boxes and suitcases too. On Sunday she had fun stuffing toys into my purse to take to church.

Today while Emily was napping Claire and I did some weeding in my garden only to discover several yellow tomatoes from last year's plants. They didn't taste very good raw so I cooked them with a little olive oil and basil. I ate them over open faced grilled cheese. Mmmm so tangy and tasty. Claire also helped me dip green tomato slices in cornmeal for fried green tomatoes.


Martin said...

What fun! Gardening and stuffing! And both of your tomato concoctions sound yummy! Love & hugs, Nanna

JB said...

How were the fried green tomatoes? I have often wondered. I am glad it was nice enough to garden. We had no sunshine yesterday and it was cold. The sun is up today.

Love, Nanu

Unknown said...

Claire and I both liked the fried green tomatoes. I added a little basil and salt to the cornmeal. They reminded me a little of fried okra but they were tangier.

JB said...

Thanks for the explanation. Grandma said to count her out of a taste test. I would be game, however.