Saturday, February 27, 2010


Emily is getting so independent.
she walks from room to room going from one activity to another. She'll play at the music table for a little while then pick up a doll and take it to another room. Then she'll find a bag and fill it with toys and carry it around. She has started "couch time" and is able to sit for 10 minutes looking at books on the couch. She isn't totally quiet, but she doesn't know how to whisper yet.

Church has been a challenge lately now that Emily wants to walk a lot. Thankfully her godmother, Joy helps us with her during the service. We hadn't been doing quiet time with Claire lately because of travels. I am determined to get back to some kind of routine around here because when we have structure at home the girls can handle structure at church.

Conversation with Claire:
"Mommy, what's an antique?"
"Something that's old but really nice."
"Is Grandma an antique?"

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Unknown said...

Dear Ones, I told Grammy the antique story and she smiled happily! She also liked hearing about the macaroni and vegetables you were cooking when you called today. Cousin Sarai and Rebeqiah are coming by to see Grammy on their way home from school today. Their other Grama is bringing them. Love & Hugs, Nanna Pennie
(Claire likes to hear my name.)