Friday, February 19, 2010

Emily hugs Claire

Emily hugged Claire at my suggestion. Usually it is Claire giving big bear hugs to Emily and Emily fussing and pushing her away. Emily's favorite vegetable is broccoli and she has learned to say "broc-li." She is interested in doing the things that Claire does including making pictures with markers and she has learned all the related vocab: pen, marker, lid, paper, picture, write.

Claire got to watch a bit of Olympic skiing last night and asked, "Can I do that too?" We said, "someday" and she said "can I do it now?".

We all enjoyed our time in Oklahoma. Claire was thrilled to get to see all her second cousins. (Will post picts to Flickr soon.) We were all glad to visit with Grammy who in spite of terminal illness seemed very peaceful and joyful (What an example of rock solid faith). Nanna and Poppa also thoroughly enjoyed the girls. We are all thankful that we were able to make the trip.

Mark went home Wed. to go back to work. The girls and I stayed in Prescott to visit with Nanu, Papa and Grandma for a few days. Claire and I went to the park yesterday and got to throw sticks for a dog named 'Charlie' Claire has chosen a new nickname for herself... she insisted on being called Charlie all yesterday evening.

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Beth said...

Hi Jen,

Sounds like your trip went swimminly, all around. Cute picture. Tell Charlie, Thanos says hello :). Love, Elisabeth

Linda said...

SSOOOOO glad all is well!!! Willow was rushed to ER Saturday, and I have ANOTHER interview this week. Jack is growing like a weed. Hold March 27 open for his 1st bday party! Will chat soon. xoxo Tell Charlie we love her! Hugs to all of you

Nanna said...

I look at your bog every day and thank God for you all every day!! It was so incredibly wonderful that you all were right here in our home last week. Every moment together was so special. Grammy's last weeks have been filled with similar miracles of loved ones coming together, which makes her very happy. She is getting weaker every day. I'm off to help care for her now. Loved hearing about Em's new words and Claire's desire to ski. Thanks also for the phone call the other day. Love & hugs, Nanna