Tuesday, February 23, 2010

home again

We are back home.
Parenting is exhausting. I really appreciated being around other family members the past two weeks. Thanks to all who helped entertain the girls during our travels. I tried to catch up on chores today. I made a lot of progress but still there is so much to do. I still haven't finished unpacking. I took the girls to the park today and yesterday. Claire was suffering from park withdrawal after 5 weeks banishment (due to her surgery and recovery.) Emily is now able to toddle all around the park... so cute. She had a lot of fun exploring. She loves both the swings and the slide.

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Nanna said...

Lots of fresh air and exercise are good for all of us. A trip to the park sounds like a great plan! I think I'll suggest it to Poppa! I can see the sweet girls bustling about the playground and enjoying every minute with you. You all are a blessing! Love, Nanna