Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Emily is up to one Kilo. That's 2 lbs 3 oz. She is taking 5cc of milk every 3 hours. Last time she got up to 6cc she started having problems. Hopefully she has grown and matured enough to continue tolerating this quantity of milk.
I got to hold her for a record 1.5 hours this afternoon. It was so nice bing close to her. I was very uncomfortable by the end. The chairs they have in there are not adequate for this length of sitting on one spot.

Claire got to go on a field trip to the beach with Nanna and Mark. She had a great time in the waves.


Jen said...

Did they veto the lawn chair?

Unknown said...

I haven't asked yet. I want to ask about other options first.

Mark said...

Apparently they have rocking chairs in the other less-intense NICU rooms. We are looking forward to Emily graduating there so we can sit easier.