Thursday, January 14, 2010

the day before the big day

What an exhausting day. We were at the hospital from 9 to 1 this morning doing all the pre-op processing, exams, orientation, tours, etc. She was quite brave while they drew blood samples, though she did cry. I almost cried myself. Emily took a nap "in the pack" for about 30 minutes while Claire received a chest x-ray. After that, Emily was in such great spirits, she charmed the entire waiting room, pushing around an out-sized red wagon.
Part of the orientation was viewing a notebook full of pictures of previous patients, and explanations about what to expect. Basically a maze of tubes and wires, the scariest being the chest cavity drainage tubes.
No sooner had we arrived home and put the girls down for naps, then the hospital called with our schedule for tomorrow morning: check in at 8:30 for a 10:00 procedure. I'm glad we got the morning slot since that makes the "no food for 8 hours prior" a bit easier.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the news as it cames to time we hope goes well. We'll be praying for the best.
Love Grmmy; Johney

JB said...

We appreciate the update. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you as we travel. We will sing the "Creature Song" as we drive.
Nanu and Papa

Nanna said...

Thanks for the update. Claire looks so cute with her dolly and stethoscope! Thanks, Emily, for being such a cheerful influence on one and all! Aunt Peggie came over after work this evening and we prayed together for all your special intentions and ended by singing the "Creature" song. So we're on the same page as Nanu and Papa Stan. So thankful for the morning time for surgery. God is good!! The peace of Christ be with you all. Love, Mom & Martin

Elisa said...

What a joy to spend a some time with Claire today, Jen. I am thankful for the morning surgery time as well!!!! That will make waiting tomorrow so much easier. With love, Nona Elisabeth

m(oose) said...

Hi Mark and Jen,
I'll be praying for Claire. May she have a speedy recovery! Be strong.

Christina (Ashleigh's cousin)