Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Emily walking

Emily has finally decided to practice walking again. She's up to 10 steps. She is also able to stand still in the middle of the room for maybe 10 seconds and is also practicing turning around to walk the other way. Pushing her car was instrumental in helping her learn this.

Claire is getting stronger all the time. She can get into her trip trap chair with just a tiny bit of support now. She helped measure ingredients for soup this morning. She didn't nap till 1:30 today and it took a while to get her to sleep. Emily got her laughing for the first time since her surgery. Claire has been a bit stoic and a lot more still.

The girls are happy with their new books. Claire has been decorating the house with reuseable fairy stickers. They look especially nice on her mirror. (Thanks Uncle Jerry and Pat. The package arrived today.) Thanks also to Gam, Grandma Bowers, Beth and Joan. It has been fun for Claire to have packages to open during this restless time.


Linda said...

YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!! We are so happy to hear that Ms Claire is home and smiling at Emily!! Yipppeeee! Willow had her surgery yesterday (you can tell Claire) and she is not herself either. Last night she could only vomit and shake; today she is still sleepy, but has just finished her breakfast and spent a few minutes chewing on her rawhide bone. Sooooo...when do you want company? I have been collecting things to keep Claire busy since Christmas. xoxo Linda

Nanna said...

I love the picture of Claire and Nanu! I think the effect of being under anesthesia takes a while to get out of the system. Is Claire on any meds? It's good she's calm as her body heals. What a blessing for her to have a sweet sister to keep her giggling. And it's such a blessing all the people that love and care for you all. Emily must look so dear as she practices walking. Love you all, Nanna