Saturday, January 02, 2010

Stand up

Today Emily practiced standing up in the middle of the room without holding onto anything. She did it over and over again while holding onto a half empty package of wipes.

Claire is a little scientist at work. She is trying to find answers to some of life's most interesting questions:
What can I see or reach if I sit or stand on the washing machine?
What will happen if I bop Emily on the head with a feather duster?
What do dried onion flakes taste like?
What does vanilla extract taste like?
What happens if you keep spinning the toilet paper dispenser?
What happens if I use the scissors on my T-shirt?
What is all this fluffy stuff in the attic? (It sure is fun to throw around.)
Why is my new calendar stapled together at the top? What happens if I take it apart?

I have to be ever vigilant... it is exhausting.


Unknown said...

We are glad to see the girls growing up. You are in Ca.and we arein O.k. Then we get up and see our great-grandkids growing up.

Martin said...

The video clip is delightful. Thank you, and it is so dear to hear Em's sweet voice too! (Isn't it neat that Grammy & Papa Johney can share in the joy from their own home now? Can you tell how blessed they feel?) Claire, I think we are related: I remember my first taste of vanilla. My mom warned me that it wouldn't taste good, but I was sure she was wrong because it smelled so good. Mom was right. It was very bitter. On another day, I wondered what was inside of my pillow. I poked a little hole in the seam and found it had lots of feathers inside. Your daddy, Mark wanted to know how his new watch worked when he was in first grade. He took it all apart. Such a curious bunch we are. Our moms put up with a lot as we grow up. We learn from our parents and they learn from us. Love, Nanna

JB said...

Family life just keeps getting more interesting and more challenging, but from what I have observed, you are both coping very well. Keep it up, we are rooting for you.

Go Claire and Emily!!

Love, Nanu

Anonymous said...

Intelligent people breed curious children... ;)

Nikki said...

The video is so cute... and wow, yes, vigilance is required. I'm so glad babies don't pop out ready to get into everything. It helps parents have a gentler learning curve!