Thursday, February 04, 2010

EKG aplomb

This is Claire getting an EKG at Dr. Burke's office last week. We go again tomorrow. She loves Dr. Burke who seems to have a great rapport with kids.

Emily's interests include throwing her ball, opening and closing containers, taking off shoes and socks, hats, dancing to music and using shakers and doing drumming and talking about everything she has a word for. Today she learned how to open and close her snack container, and she ate a good hearty meal with the aid of a princess-themed compartmented food tray. Both girls have been enjoying bubbles this week. Emily asks for bubbles at least twice a day by pointing and saying, "bubbles, bubbles!" Today she made the blowing pucker so we put the wand by her mouth and she actually did blow some bubbles.


JB said...

I am glad Claire has such a good rapport with Dr. Burk. She looks like an old pro, taking her EKG with humor and grace.

Love, Nanu

JB said...

Thanks for posting more photos. There can never be too many.

Jen said...

I agree that Claire is very brave,"taking her EKG with humor and grace." I am impressed that she is smiling and not afraid.

Nanna said...

Thanks for all the new pics!! It was nice to have a good look at Claire's scar too. When I was in the Navy I scrubbed in on an open heart when I was in OR training. Thank you God for Dr. Burke and for giving Claire the grace of confidence and trust!! I'm glad the girls are enjoying bubbles and their enjoyment is doubled because they have each other. We love you all! Hugs to Em & Claire from Nanna
PS Grammy came home from the hospital last night and we have hospice to help. We're all very busy helping. Your sweet valentines arrived.

Linda said...

Hi LADIES and gentleman!! I unfortunately got some buggies in my lungs and was forced to go on an antibiotic for the first time in MANY years and it is wreaking havoc with my liver and intestines. I have canceled plans for the week to be able to get through it all. I will call you about Friday as the week progresses, but I don't want to leave you hanging either. What is the FOCUS group focusing on?? I have good news about a JOB!!!!!!! They are emailing me back today to set a date for me to do a demo lesson and meet the faculty. I am in my jammies...checking email periodically. Right now I am going to get Willow and go to beddy. Chat SOON!!!! xoxoxxo L