Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, It's been a struggle this week.
Claire Usually sleeps all night long. Last night she awoke at 4:30 and sleptf fitfully with Mark for an hour and he decided to change her diaper and give her some milk... this resulted in a very loud drawn out fit but in the end another hour of sound sleep for the whole family. (Well, I had to get up and change Emily about 6:15 but then we all slept.)

I had a couple of lousy nights due to frequent Emily wakings and bad dreams. It reminds me how thankful I am that I am usually able to get good rest in spite of having two small children.

I re-read the No Cry Sleep Solution recently. I've been a bit obsessed about the sleep issue ever since. Emily was taking a 2-3 hour nap every day as well as some shorter ones and for a week she slept from 7pm-2am. Lately she sleeps form 7-9:30 wakes at 10:30 12:30 and I'm not sure when or how many times after that! Emily has also been taking only 30 minute and 60 minute naps. However, we have made progress in a few areas. One night After our bedtime routine I set her down and she went to sleep on her own within a few minuted without fussing. This hasn't happened since mid December. Last night I had a real struggle getting her to sleep (also yesterday and Monday getting her to sleep for naps was a struggle.) Tonight I stood by her bed and sang to her and rubbed her sweet fuzzy head until she went to sleep. This took less than 10 mins and I had Clare sitting on the floor of our room looking at books by closet light. This was a big improvement over last night when both girls were in tears and I was beside myself.

Today I took Claire to My Gym with Emily in the sling. It worked out great. Emily enjoyed all the bright colors and the music and was looking around contentedly until she finally nursed and slept for about 30 mins.

Claire also had physical therapy today. We met Ann at the park. Claire is not as cooperative in this setting. One thing Ann and I discussed is her pigeon toed tendency and the possibility of wearing braces. I asked why Claire turns her ankles and knees in. Ann says it's because her muscles are used to pulling one way since she has spent a lot of time sitting "W" style. Other areas are tight like her hips and the back of her ankles. Mark and I try to correct her when she sits with her legs in a W and for a while it seemed like she was doing it less. Now she does it any time she sits on the floor unless she's kneeling. Some things that can help: squatting which stretches the muscles in the lower leg and ankle, Stretching the foot and hips and possible wearing high-top shoes. I am going to try and work with her at home more and see if it helps to straighten her out so she doesn't have to wear braces. [W sitting is contraindicated If there is muscle tightness, W-sitting will aggravate it. This position places the hamstrings, hip adductors, internal rotators and heel cords in an extremely shortened range. If a child is prone to tightness or contractures, encourage anther pattern of sitting.]

Emily is 9 lbs now!!!


JB said...

Thanks for the newsy updates this week. What a treat for Claire to have you with her at My Gym!! Good luck on the sleeping routines. I am glad you are willing to try new solutions and experiment until you find something that works.
Love, Nanu

Anonymous said...

Oh my pobrecita! (sp?) The sleep issue is a very big pain! Yikes-a-roo! Both of mine were angels in this area and you don't want to hear it. I think the angels knew to tell them before they were born that their mom wasn't a happy camper in the morning, so they decided to play it cool. Usually to sleep around 8 and would wake up once for nursing during the night, and Dan would put him/her in bed with me to nurse and then he would rock babies until they went back to sleep. It was pretty slick. Angel was pigeon toed his first year of walking and was so bad, he would sometimes trip over his own feet. It made me nuts. Now he walks and runs perfectly (and climbs and hops and jumps)...busy BOY!!!! I think he's preparing me for Jack Fyn!! cHAT SOON. xoxox L

Katie Jones said...

I love the chub on Emily... and the sweet smiles. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope all the sleeps are working out better now. I'm so happy I got to go to My Gym with Claire so I can visualize you there with Em and Claire. What a neat place! Love & Prayers, Nanna