Thursday, November 16, 2006

Banana leaves

From Claire's window you can see our neighbor's banana tree and for the past several days we have been watching as a new leaf unfurled. It started out as a stick jutting up into the sky and over several days gradually unwraped itself and now it is the only pristine leaf on the tree that is completely intact without shreds or tears. I feel peaceful looking out at it as Claire naps and I pump. The sun is shining through the tip of the leaf making it look like a giant lantern.

My parents did not end up visiting on Tuesday and Wed. My dad had a minor stroke so he spent Tuesday and half of Wed in the hospital. The tell tale signs were dizziness, double vision and weakness on the left side of his body. Thankfully there seem to be no lingering symptoms and he is feeling fine now. Please pray against future strokes as people who have had one are at a greater risk for having another.

The graveside service for Woody was lovely. A national guard seargent played taps and folded the the flag that was draped on his casket and presented it to Tammy. The pastor had interviewed each of the 5 children and used what they said to describe Woody's life and character. All of his children and grandchildren were present. Mark held Claire during the service and did a good job entertaining her.

Claire's eyelashes are longer than ever. I've noticed lately that her nose has grown and she is filling out all over. I think the major growth spurt she was going through is slowing down. She didn't eat nearly as much yesterday. She has this cute habit of pulling her hat down over her eyes right before a nap. When she wakes up in the morning she takes her hat off and starts scratching her head. I am having a rough time keeping her fingernails short enough so that she doesn't leave scratch marks.

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Anonymous said...

Will pray for Stan!!Glad to hear the service was special for Woody.
I loved hearing your calm meditation on the banana leaf. It's those moments that bring joy in God's creation. Claire you are just getting cuter and cuter! Soon, Nanna Pennie