Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Progress with Suckling

Thanks be to God! Claire latched on to the breast for the first time in months. She suckled for about 2 minutes on two occasions this afternoon. I am elated. I praised her profusely and she looked like she was very proud of herself. She also gummed me which was quite painful. My theory is that she is starting to get used to and interested in having various things in her mouth like cereal and spoons and banana... so she was more receptive. I used the clutch/football hold which I hadn't tried in a while (Mark suggested this). By the way, Claire seems to enyoy mashed banana too. She thinks eating solid food is great fun. She sometimes smiles and laughs during the meal.

She has been napping really well since we left for Lompoc last Wed. Thanks be to God. I was worried about this for weeks. I have been able to put her back to sleep when she wakes up after only 30 mins. I never had any luck with this in the past. I got a nice long nap this afternoon while she napped. It felt so good.


Anonymous said...

What great news!! Go Claire!! At this rate she will be ready for Christmas dinner! Well ...not quite. Let's hope the nursing continues unabated.

Katie Jones said...

Hooray! Congratulations Jen. I hope that everything continues to go well.

Ma Torg said...

Yay, Jen!