Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hudson breakfast Tradition

We've begun a tradition of going out for breakfast on Saturday mornings: so far we've eaten outside at Fred 62 in Vermont village, outside at the Two Nine near USC and walked to our hangout the Ragazzi Room. Another destination we want to try is the Alcove in Los Feliz. This morning Claire had a nap on the way there and fell asleep again just before we reached home.

I did major floor cleaning in Claire's room yesterday which involved moving lots of stuff out so I could get at the floor. I moved out the TV tray, extra chair, fan, air purifier, diaper pail, two trash cans, baby bath tub, my foot bath, rolling cart with pump, laptop, and reading materials, bedside table, a whole jumble of cords, cables, speakers cd player tape player etc., extra seat cushion. Some of these things are finding a new home so as to make the room tidier and easier to clean. I also gave a cursory swipe at the kitchen floor and vacuumed the living room. Needless to say, I did not call Maria. I do have the number of a referral service and will try finding someone that way. I was exhausted yesterday evening. Claire had only short naps yesterday so I didn't end up napping at all and she was fussy in the late afternoon and evening so I ended up carrying her a lot. I had a backache. Mark gave me a nice massage when he got home and Beth came over and gave us a little break by taking care of Claire for a couple hours while we puttered/relaxed.

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Anonymous said...

Good job, Jen! It always feels good to get at a room and create a little order. It is definately an ongoing process that requires updates and maintenance, but gives a feeling of at-homeness in our rooms. I dusted the breakfast room and found better places for a few things and then we enjoyed our Saturday breakfast there instead of the kitchen. Love your Saturday morning breakfast-out tradition.
Love, Mom