Friday, November 10, 2006


I'm feeling grumpy. I think its mostly from lack of sleep. I think Claire is on another growth spurt. Yesterday, in spite of feeding her 120-130 cc's at each feed during the day, she insisted on eating every two and a half hours and then in the evening every hour when she took a bit less. She woke me up 5 times during the night. (only 3 times with hunger) if you divide 8.5 hours into 6 chunks with time taken out for feeding Claire and expressing milk you understand why I'm tired. I'm cranky partly because Claire has had exactly two 20-25 minute naps since she woke up at 7:15 this morning. The first one was interrupted by a telemarketing call. The ringer is off in her room but the main phone is in the kitchen next to her room and I couldn't find the handset so it rang 4-5 times and woke her. The other nap she took the last 20 minutes of our walk and woke up 5 minutes after we got home. The amazing think is, that she woke up perfectly happy and seems fine with her little cat naps.

The drool rash on her chin is almost cleared up. She has bad eczema on the front of her ankles which has lasted for weeks. Her cradle cap is constant in spite of my best efforts to beat it. The skin on her arms and legs is dry and behind her knees is red and inflamed. Poor little cherub. It doesn't seem to bother her when I touch these spots. She seems to like the "butterings up" as we call them when we massage her head with oils.

She looks like she is just about to drift off in the swing as I pump and blog. Her Physical therapist arrives in 20 mins. Hmm.

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Anonymous said...

What does the doc say about Claire's eczema? Grandma Hennings said she had it in her youth, I had a few go ins with: during 4th grade and when Jill was an infant, both high stress times which they thought was a trigger. Who knows. Mark, as you know, deals with it yet. So there's a history. We'll pray for insight for the docs and healing for Claire. Love always, Mom