Monday, November 13, 2006

Happy Day

I played my guitar for Claire for the first time this evening. She was watching me intently. She also watched me as I did some arm circles.

We took a trip down to Irvine today to visit my friend Jen. One reason for this was to ensure that Claire got a long nap. She got two long naps of about 2 hours each. (One on the way there and one on the way back.) She continued sleeping upon arrival on both ends of the journey. She was extra fatigued because this morning we went to the doctor and she got immunized. She is up to 10 pounds 5 oz. The Dr. gave me something for her skin problems. I got to ask the Dr. lots of questions. He suggested starting togive her a little rice cereal in the morning and evening. He commented that she seems ready since she is "violently teething" I think that's the phrase he used.

P.S. The other reason we drove down was to deliver a crib since they are expecting the "bourgeois-baby" any day now.

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