Friday, November 10, 2006

To Do

1:45 Physical therapy for Claire

Sew new velcro onto diaper cover

Fold Clothes

Tummy time


Take Walk

Finish trimming Claire's nails

Don't add too many things to the "to do" list (If you put the two words to do together you get a Spanish word Todo meaning everything.)

Claire is so interested in grabbing things and attempting to bring them to her mouth or just holding onto them for several minutes. Yesterday as we walked she was in the Snuggli Carrier and was holding onto the strap. She sometimes squeals with delight and sometimes makes a noise that sounds suspisciously like a giggle.

We are still getting gifts in the mail for Claire. We got two packages this week. Thanks Nanu and Uncle Jerry. It is so much fun opening packages.

Mark and I are looking forward to having the weekend together. It was a busy week. Thankfully I don't think we have anything planned for this weekend.

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