Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bath etc.

I gave Claire a bath today. She fussed a little bit but overall she seemed to enjoy it. She smells so nice. I used Dove soap as per the pediatrician's recommendation. And I used Eucerin creme on the eczema that has appeared on her eyebrow area. I did this two days running and it seems to be clearing up.

I tried nursing several times using the shield but Claire wasn't very interested.

I took several short naps today. I guess the night feedings are catching up with me. Last night I was looking at the log and remembering that when she came home she only woke up every 4 hours now she wakes up every 2 hours...Ocassionally she will sleep for a three hour stint at night.

We have finally got back into doing Kangaroo care and it has been really nice. The skin to skin time has become my favorite time of day. She is so soft and sweet. Yesterday when I held her skin to skin she immediately started moving around and rooting so I helped her get into nursing position.

I have a whole list of activities that I'd like to do each day with Claire. I keep thinking I'll write them down...
1. Kangaroo Care
2. wear the sling
3. take a walk
4. get a little sunshine for vitamin D (Dr. Beesley's orders)
5. four nursing sessions with shield
6. Speak Spanish
7. read a book
8. tummy time to build upper body strength

I bought Dr. Sears' book on preemature babies and am really enjoying it. I wish I would've had it two months ago.


Anonymous said...

So know you have recorded your daily to do list on the blog, so they are written down. Good for you. That is the first step. That is an ambitious list but certainly doable, especially as things begin to fall into a routine, mostly.

I am glad you have found some excellent reading material for your situation. I found reading expert advice very helpful when you and Vaughn were babies.

Anonymous said...

I love all the details! Does anyone mention more frequent feedings indicate growth spurts and increased milk supply (as it coincides with nursing). I love your list; lists are good to keep focus on goals, and lists can be revised as needed. Love & hugs, Nanna Pennie