Friday, August 11, 2006


Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with a title for these things...
Some firsts: We noticed tears for the first time when Claire got her shots the other day and she is beginning to drool a little which we never saw before this week.
She had her first visit from Lanternman Regional Center this morning. The therapist evaluated her and said she seems very normal for her age and she recommends monthly followup sessions to determine if any physical or ocupational therapy is necessary.

My parents left this morning. It was so great having them here. It will be a challenge to feed ourselves and keep on top of daily chores without my mom around.
Claire just fell asleep, so I'm going to go nap too.


Anonymous said...

What a thrill and privilege it was to spend 2 weeks helping care for Claire and her parents. I miss her sweet presence already. The new parents are doing a great job of being loving, patient caregivers. I am so thankful for Claire's continued progress and for the support of so many friends and family members. Continue to let Jen and Mark know you are with them in spirit.

Anonymous said...

We read your latest updates: the cardiologist info and Claire's firsts. So great to feel part of your lives. Love, Nanna Pennie