Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I feel conflicted about what to do much of the time. It is hard to decide what to do... should I continue to hold Claire in the sling since she is sleeping soundly? Should I take her out and put her down, risking awakening her in order to express milk since I feel the need to pump?
At other times of day it's should I lay down and try to sleep since Claire is sleeping or should I grab a bite to eat and wash bottles so they'll be ready for the next feed?
Do I have enough time to toast this bagel and bring it in to the nursery before Claire needs to start feeding?

Should I blog while I pump or read or just relax?

Sometimes I end up holding Claire while I pump... this is challenging if she is fussy or squirming (which is usually why I pick her up.) And has resulted in spilt milk on a couple of occasions.

I feel discouraged about nursing after reading about "nipple confusion" at He recommends banishing the bottle. For us this is nearly impossible. We tried on day. Feeding a child who eats every two hours through the day and night using a syringe or cup is just not feasible...not if you want to have any time and energy for trying to teach her to nurse, pumping milk, eating and sleeping.

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