Monday, August 07, 2006

Sunday visits

dress and quiltWe had a lovely visit from Claire's Lompoc grandparents on Sunday and my Mom and Mark's mom enjoyed seeing each other again after a long time. Caire also got to meet her Abuelito (grandfather) for the first time. Now all of her grandparents have had a chance to see her... next is her great grandmother. I had fun photographing her yesterday afternoon sitting/ laying on the beautiful quilt that her great grandmother made for her.


Ma Torg said...

The quilt is beautiful! And, Claire is even more beautiful. She looks so alert in all the pictures! I can't wait to meet her (maybe at Christmas?).

Anonymous said...

She's a beauty! I'm so happy to hear she's home!

Anonymous said...

Claire looks so cute in her little dress laying on her gramma quilt! I eagerly go to your blog each day to check for updates, but even if their aren't any, it's such a joy to re-read stuff and gaze at photos of Claire and her mommy and daddy. Love Nanna Pennie