Tuesday, August 01, 2006

wacky wabbit

Yesterday we found a rabbit in front of our house and caught it and put it in a cage and left a sign in the front yard. Today some boys from the neighborhood came and claimed it. A half an hour later another boy had caught it and brought it to us asking if it were ours... Crazy. I wonder how many more times it will escape?

Claire is still doing well. She is slowly figuring out what to do when nursing. Yay! I'm looking forward to putting the milk pumping days behind me. I need to call the La Lech League leader in our area for advise. Claire sometimes gets frustrated about two minutes into nursing and won't stay latched on and fusses.

We have made all of her follow up appointments with the opthamologist, pediatric neurologist, cardiologist and pediatrician. The home health nurse will some once her company provides a baby scale so she can weigh Claire.

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