Saturday, August 26, 2006

from the well of exhaustion

Advice for parents-to-be: (From Mark)
  1. Pace yourself on the caffeine--you'll need it more after the baby comes home.
  2. Learn to dance now--there won't be time later, and the baby will enjoy dancing. Though I must say that the style that calms her the most is when I do something more like a "silly walk" than smooth ballroom.
  3. Get a good digital camera and practice transferring the photos. And a color printer and some photo paper. Ideally, get a combo that can print without the "computer as middleman." I say this because you won't have time to get regular film developed and printed, plus people like pics along with the blog entries.
    balancing bottle trick

Other tips:
  • try to live near a drugstore, because you will often run out of key supplies at inopportune times.
  • learn to cook breakfast one-handed...handy skill for just about every house-hold chore.
  • get wireless networking and a laptop if you ever hope to use the computer after the baby comes home. Either that or combine the den and the nursery.
  • network with friends who will be willing to come by and help out after the baby arrives.
  • devise strategies for staying healthy under stress--this experience is something like a camping trip: have plenty of water bottles and healthy snacks on hand, as well as warm clothes for wee-hour feeds.
  • get your address-list and/or mailing-label situation straightened up ASAP, so you can send out baby announcements--and it also makes thank-you cards easier.
  • get the remodeling done early--in case the baby comes early


Unknown said...

Caffiene? Is that how you manage it?
All this time I've been drinking decaf!
(Although even Claire was on Caffiene Citrate for a few weeks.) I get to feeling too jittery and anxious with the leaded stuff.

Anonymous said...

Daddy Hu,

You sound like an old pro with your advice. Good items to consider. I hope your pregnant friends read your blog.

I love the photos. The more the better.

Hugs and Kisses all around,

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I had to comment. Wish I would have had this advice years ago...we never sent out baby anouncements, and I guess I'll have to wait till the empty nest years to learn to dance. I would add, "keep a sense of humor", which it sounds like you are doing.

Claire looks great! We continue to keep you all in our prayers.