Monday, August 07, 2006

Doctor Visits

Today began the marathon of doctor visits. Claire visited the ophthalmologist in Santa Monica this morning. The doctor said that her eyes are perfect. The nerves and blood vessels have all matured and have grown the correct way. Claire will return in 6 months for a check up to see that her eyes are working together symmetrically.
Tomorrow we see the cardiologist and Wednesday the pediatrician. And we plan to go to a La Leche meeting on Thursday if we still have the energy.

Claire nursed a little in the waiting room and I think she got some milk. She put in a good effort at suckling. It was hard to watch as the doctor used one device to hold Claire's eye wide open and another tool to nudge the eye this way and that in order to give it a thorough examination. Claire screamed louder and longer than I'd ever heard her cry before. Poor little angel. It was rather torturous for me. The doctor says it doesn't hurt it is just uncomfortable and makes them panic. After the ordeal we sat and chatted for a long while and she recommended not letting Claire watch TV at all until at least age 4. She said that there is research to support the idea that TV viewing at a young age contributes to attention deficit.

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