Monday, August 14, 2006


I got to speak with a lactation consultant from the hospital today and she gave me a game plan for the week and her cell phone number so I can call her back on Friday. I'm supposed to use the silicon shield for nursing 4 times each day during times when Claire is alert and happy. She discouraged me from using the supplemental nursing system that I was interested in trying because preemies have negative associations with tubes from their NICU experience. Also she said the SNS is a lot of work to use and a pain to keep clean and in her 20 years of being a lactation consultant and nurse she has only had a handful of women who used it successfully.

I was using the shield for a while but had a hard time keeping it on. It is hard for me to stick with any one strategy because it is so hard to tell is any of them work at all. She also encouraged me to express some milk before having Claire latch on to make it easier for her to get started.

I love the sling. Claire seems really happy and comfortable in it and usually falls asleep pretty soon upon entry. I'm getting better at putting her in and taking her out which is a bit tricky with an infant who needs neck support.

We have enjoyed comments on the blog from Claire's grandparents. :)

The Home health nurse will come one last time tomorrow to assess Claire and weigh her. I'm sure she's over 6 lbs now. Yay!

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Anonymous said...

I emailed several friends upon my return to AZ and sent them photos of Claire. They were so impressed with her growth and continue to wish the Hudson family well. They are all rooting for you.

Three cheers for the sling and the lactation consultant. It sounds like you are getting some solid advice.