Saturday, August 19, 2006

Reunion 20 HHS

The Hueneme High Class of 1986 20 year reunion will be September 23 at Casa Sirena Hotel in Oxnard. I probably should have posted something about this sooner, since the tickets need to be purchased by next week. Ping me if you need info. Or rather ping Nancy {Roman) Lee. Hoping to see my friend Andy K, and others there.

Update: I reluctently joined to check on the reunion info there. I say reluctently because I canceled years ago due to the bombardment of spam that seemed to issue from that place. Unfortunately, it seems they still persist in their money-grubbing ways, at least judging from the over-use of ads on their site. For instance, even though my profile clearly indicates that I am married, one of the site's most prominent ads is for on-line dating. Shouldn't technology make advertising more tailored? Speaking of technology, their site is actually not very useful or usable. Advice to concentrate first on building value into your product and enhancing the user community, then, and only then, gradually add in appropriatly targeted advertising.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you got our card and check. Glad you went out. Do you need a babysitter for your reunion? Poppa & Nanna are willing to come to your hotel and take care of Claire while you mingle with your friends. Let us know and we'll work out the details.Love, Mom

Anonymous said...
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Erik Rader said...

Mark & Jen,

Congrats on the new baby!!

Even though neither Andy nor I will be at the reunion (I believe he's going to be in Chicago that weekend), we should all get together next time I'm in the LA/OC area (Andy lives in Orange now).