Monday, October 13, 2008


Claire, Nanu and Papa had a safe journey to Prescott. Claire talked non-stop until she conked out and slept for 90 mins from the car she enjoyed looking at the moon. This was her second nap of the day so she went to bed late. She woke up at 6 am asking to go feed the birds. She is very excited about her new surroundings.

Mark and I slept really well. It is so nice to feel well rested.


Anonymous said...

How exciting for Claire to have her first trip!!!!!!!!! WOW!! That is big girl stuff. Relax and enjoy! She will be a star I am sure. This blog thing kinda keeps me from using the phone more often. If you need a lunch date or something this week, CALL me!! Hugs to ALL,
xoxo L

Anonymous said...

Did you ever think little Claire would grow up so quickly? Indeed, not. She will be a wonderful big sis to Emily and help to you with all this zest for life she has. I'm sure Nanu and Papa are having a great time with their granddaughter. So happy you two are getting much-deserved rest! Hope Emily's feeds are going well. Love and Prayers, Mom