Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Big Day for Claire

Claire rode her tricycle a few feet by herself. She can just reach the pedals now. Nana measured her today and she is 32.5 inches with shoes on. She did #2 in the big potty. She is getting very close to being able to jump off the ground. (This is something the physical therapist has been working on with her.) She can jump on the exercise ball. She also had a bath in the big tub instead of the inflatable toddler tub. This afternoon was hot and Nana told Claire that she didn't know what they should do that she didn't have any ideas. Shortly thereafter Claire said, "Claire has an idea. Claire bounce on the ball." Claire seems to be regressing in her sleeping. She has been waking up several times during the night the past few nights.

Emily has not been gaining well the past week. She has only gained about 5 grams per day and they like to see about 30 grams per day. They will do some further evaluation of her heart tomorrow. This will include a chest x-ray and an ultrasound. They are concerned that her heart problem may be contributing to her lack of weight gain. I just returned from visiting Emily this evening and she gained 45 grams since yesterday. She also didn't expend much energy nursing today. She spent very little time actually sucking. I guess she needed a break.

They decided not to transfuse her because her hemoglobin has increased a bit and she is not symptomatic.

It has been nice for me being in the nursery because I have had the opportunity to chat with the other moms. I have seen several babies come in for a few days and go home.

Emily seems to be stagnating in progress with breastfeeding. She nursed for just a few minutes each time today. She was wide awake this morning for a long while but even then didn't nurse as long as she had the previous couple of days. The doctor is encouraging me to think about letting Emily begin to take the bottle so that she can go home more quickly. She said that she is ready to go home except for the feeding and that babies develop better at home with their families. I am in the process of coming to terms with this. I still have a fear that Emily with reject the breast as Claire did. Please pray that Emily will be able to switch back and forth like most babies do.


Nikki said...

Your family is in our prayers. Thank you for posting updates.

Anonymous said...

WOW, Claire riding her tricycle and using the potty! That is great progress. It is so nice to hear about new developments on all fronts.
We will keep you in our thoughts as you make your decisions about Emily's feedings.

Love, Nanu